Factors to Consider Before You Start Playing Online Casinos

Before you start playing, you first need to decide which online casino you will open a new account at? Really, there are so many casinos on the internet that offer slot machines to play. Luckily for you, we’ve taken care of that for you – we’ve compiled new player bonuses from all the casinos licensed in Latvia! This list contains only the most recommended casino dealers!

There are not many more important factors to consider. You need to decide what is the amount of money you feel comfortable playing with.

Payment Amount

Each slot machine has a minimum and maximum payment amount. For example, within the 0.5 to 100 coin payment, you can choose from 0.5 to 100 coins per spin. Your winnings, needless to say, are proportional to the payment amount.

Number of Payment Lines

This is the second key decision to consider before you start playing. It is imperative to understand that the payment amount is per payline. In most cases, you are free to choose the number of paylines you wish to play, which are then multiplied by the payment amount.

For example, with a 2 coin pay amount on 5 pay lines, you will be charged 10

coins per spin. And logically, as the risk increases, so do the winnings.

Last Thing – Manual or Auto Spin?

Last Thing - Manual or Auto Spin?

Before you start playing, there’s just one last decision to make: manually click each spin or opt for auto-spin, sit back and enjoy the slot spin.

You can get all kinds of free spins even when playing in auto mode!

Everything is ready, let’s start spinning!

let's start spinning

Once you’ve understood the basics of online casino slots, you’re ready to start spinning. As soon as you start playing, the slot will spin and you can win, paylines, wild and scatter symbols will appear, hopefully bringing you big wins.

When you play, you are in complete charge and can choose to play any time between spins

change the pay amount, decrease or increase the number of paylines. New players are advised to start by understanding how the different line and coin combinations work. It’s exciting and you will definitely learn a number of strategies as you play the slots.

If you have read this entire article, then you are no doubt very enthusiastic about internet casino slots and definitely ready to start playing. Never stop learning and with experience you will improve your playing skills. Have fun and good luck!

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